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There’s an Animal Inside (2015) presents a comprehensive body of new work across sculpture, painting and film, focused on fetishised Western ideas of progress attendant on colonialism, variously shared histories of African modernity and China’s growing role on the African continent. These concerns are embodied in the politics of form inherent in historically rich objects with accumulated symbolic weight, the specificity of the actual materials used and the mechanics of institutional display.

MacGarry’s work engages psychoanalytic discourses in relation to social and political formations in order to critique the construction and reproduction of state control through representations of the body politic … read through all major registers of the fetish: ethnographic, Marxist, psychoanalytic and Modernist.

(Horsler, A.; 2014)

What we cannot talk about is a singular Africa – rather to look at commonalities, intersections and related experiences across these numerous, very different countries as lived by people – both historical and contemporary. In a way, it is to recognize a means of articulating and internalising the present, whilst using the past as a tool to project the future.

(Michael MacGarry)

Michael MacGarry is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Johannesburg. He holds an MFA from the University of the Witwatersrand, is a recipient of the Standard Bank Young Artist Award 2010 and a Fellow of the Gordon Institute of Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) at the University of Cape Town. As a visual artist, MacGarry has exhibited internationally for over ten years including TATE Modern, Iziko South Africa National Gallery and Guggenheim Bilbao. He has published four monographs on his work. As a filmmaker, MacGarry has written and directed numerous narrative short films, feature-length video installations and is a recipient of an El Ray Award, Barcelona Film Festival 2015 as well as a nominee for the Huysmans Young African Filmmaker Award 2015. His films have been selected for International Film Festival Rotterdam; VideoBrasil (Sao Paulo); Arquiteturas Film Festival (Lisbon); Afrika Film Festival de Belgique; FCAAAL (Milan); International Festival Signes de Nuit (Paris, Bangkok) and The Biennial of the Moving Image (Frankfurt).

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