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Bold Ideas Stop Traffic – #GIVESHAUNAJOB

Graphic Designer Shaun Teles did the brilliantly unthinkable to get the attention of a communications agency, with the hopes of getting a job.

Below he details exactly what he did and how he pulled it off!

“This project was initiated to catch the attention of a communication agency. The goal was to get a foot in the door and to land a job as one of their designers. One evening I had a brainstorm with a friend of mine and we came up with a few concepts, but the one that clearly stood out was the idea to use the unique environment of where the agency offices are located.

We then decided a perfect way to get the agencies attention was to stop traffic on an extremely busy road, located just outside the offices. The line “Bold ideas stop traffic” was created, this bold idea that we have to stop traffic in order for me to work in an agency that cultivates bold ideas.

This project was a few months in the making with no budget, and a lot of trust in others. How the execution would follow is on a busy afternoon, we would stop traffic by holding a banner facing their offices at the exact time the ECD would be outside overlooking the road, with the line “Bold ideas stop traffic”, as well as a unique hashtag that when accessed through Instagram, would redirect the ECD to my portfolio as well as my contact information.

Resourceful was a key component in this project, from the design, and hand painting of an 11m x 1.5m material banner, to the talks with employees in the agency to make sure that the ECD was at the right place at exactly the right time, all the while still keeping the project a surprise.

A video was taken of the event and uploaded on Facebook. In the first week the video had 719 views and 13 shares, which for an average unknown Joe is a lot. The agency made a personalized mention on their Facebook page applauding the event as well.

A big thanks goes out to those individual people who have helped in this project, this is dedicated to you.”

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