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The Project Space Presents The Human Experience

 The Project Space Presents The Human Experience

The Project Space will be relocating to Anthill and re-opening their premises and exhibitions to the public.

Established in 2016 by the late Ugandan born artist, Benon Lutaaya, THE PROJECT SPACE (TPS) is a non-profit cultural laboratory dedicated to the advancement of contemporary African art, and the promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship among young (in age and career) African artists-with a particular interest in Womxn artists.

It’s an institutional platform centered on creating spaces and improving opportunities for African artists.

The Space embodies values of patronage as a context and framework to encourage creativity, innovation, collaboration, resource-sharing and cultural production among Contemporary African artists – with a special focus on self-sustainability.

The Project Space will be opening their new premises with an all Womxn group exhibition titled ‘A Human Experience’.

The exhibition is a visual articulation of a diverse range of mediums and themes.

The exhibition opens on Heritage Day 24 September at Gallery Fanon from 10 am – 6pm, daily.

The selection of artworks explore the multifaceted experience of human consciousness weaving together contemplations of identity, race, femininity and the organic harmony of nature, through portraiture, strange hybridized composites, folds and weavings of paper, graphic prints and expressive paintings.

Exhibiting artists include; Muofhe Manavhela (South Africa), Michelle Okpare (Nigeria), Mel Madiba (South Africa), Jo Roets (SouthAfrica), Aadilah Kahn (South Africa), Vanessa Tembane (South Africa), Anushka Kempken (South Africa), Adulphina Imuede (Nigeria) and Cinthia
Sifa (South Africa).

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