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Meet Photographer Nonzuzo Gxekwa

 Meet Photographer Nonzuzo Gxekwa



Nonzuzo Gxekwa is a Johannesburg based photographer.

Her approach to photography favours the everyday over the spectacular; sharing interesting and intimate moments through focusing the camera on what is around her as well as herself.

Big Dreams.

Whether it is through street photography or the studio, her work explores the human condition in subtle and beautiful ways.

Indoni Yamanzi.

She said: “Johannesburg is a fascinating city in that most of its people who live there are not from there, myself included. I, as a black female photographer, have a different engagement to the city. My movements have to shift as the day changes. I can’t stay till dark. Can’t pick up my phone in some places. Can’t stand out. I am constantly aware of its people, their movements and their relationship to the mechanisms of it’s being. The city is alive. Constantly.

“My street photography is influenced by the people wandering the very streets that I commute to and from work. We have a commuter system as opposed to a transport system, so the majority of the cities movement is to and from work. I deeply engage with its people, from a distance.

“I watch them wander as I wander. My street photography of Johannesburg City, aptly title Wanderer// Wanderer is a true reflection of what excites my eye. The colors, the people, their movement and their individual authenticity continuously encourage me to seek out its most beautiful and intimate moments.

“As one of the most dangerous cities for a woman, I see it as a place of life, worship, business and family engagements. Some sort of peace has come of it in my daily commutes and strolls. The inner city is an experience and I continuously engage it in in my work”

Living It Up.

Collaboration is a crucial part of her practice, she has worked together with a number of photographers and artists in Johannesburg.

The General.

See more of her work here.

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