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Iconic Drum Magazine Covers


In our gallery this week 

Among photos of the moments we capture of ourselves smiling with our loved ones and selfies we take in the morning are photos from our Pinterest feed that make us appreciative of the art that magazine covers offered us. We collected these stunning archives to show you the photographic work that came from the lens of the cameras of the DRUM Magazine team decades ago.

Photographs of Dolly Rathebe, Miriam Makeba, Dorothy Masuka and other Black Beauties of the Sophiatown era were the drum that kept DRUM’s beat alive. Additionally, it is DRUM that kept the rhythm of Black womanhood and Black culture going. Without it, the world had no accurate vision of the spaces that Blackness inhibited.

These iconic DRUM Magazine covers provided many people the liberty to raise their voices, pen letters as well as the courage to be themselves in an era that systematically tried to prohibit any kind of freedom. Here is a look of the ones in our gallery.



Tshedza Mashamba