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Roll out the red carpet for these Vogue Nights Jozi looks!

 Roll out the red carpet for these Vogue Nights Jozi looks!

@tutuzondo [Twitter]


Vogue Nights Jozi, the conversation

Having had the honour to talk to Tutu Zondo last week we thought it would be unfair to tell you about such a liberating moment that will see many more years and leave it there. Vogue Nights Jozi is not a moment in passing. It is not part of small talk, it is the conversation. Let us talk about it. Bring your lights, your camera, roll out the red carpet because the subject of conversation from the night of March 27 2o21 is what the beautiful family of Vogue Nights Jozi wore!


The Vogue Balls of Gauteng Maboneng

The birth of Vogue Nights Jozi was inspired by the life of the Vogue Balls of the City of Love, Paris and the big Concrete Jungle, New York City. This is the story we were told by Tutu in our conversation. And from the photographs taken from the night in Gauteng Maboneng, fashion supremacy danced all night long. Why? You do not arrive at an iconic event without being the epitome of the word. You cannot enter without expressing that you are a legend and you deserve to be remembered and honoured by those who will come after you. And what you wear must speak for you even when the music tries to overpower the voice in your fashion statement.

Our fave Vogue Nights Jozi looks

And as they brought everything within themselves that night, right now, right here, in this conversation, we will bring fashion quotes that reflect the iconic statements that their fashion exclaimed. We will share a quote we think each of our favourite looks reflected. This is our two cents in the conversation that is Vogue Nights Jozi.

@CalebNkosi [Twitter]
‘People will stare. Make it worth their while’– Harry Winston.

Oh, if we were in that space on Saturday night we would have gazed for eternity and never regret spending our time focusing our eyes on this look. And if Vogue Italia was there, we would expect to wake up to a 500 word essay describing the life of the party that is this dress on Caleb Nkosi.

@tutuzondo [Twitter]
‘Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them’– Marc Jacobs.

We imagine that on a hanger this was an aesthetic expression that inhaled and exhaled. However, when Tutu wore it, it roared. It ruled the night. It was alive. Why? Because Tutu lived in it.

@sjaytheblonde [Twitter] photographed by @xinatheartist [Instagram]
‘I don’t do fashion. I am fashion’– Coco Chanel

If Sjay The Blonde said this to us, we would not disagree (because why would we?). This look is the quintessence of being the moment. And fashion is not shy to tell you who it is.

@lelowhatsgood [Twitter] photographed by @downtownthabz [Twitter]
‘Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu’– Kenzo Takada

And Lelo ordered style! We believe that what Lelo is serving is an expression of personality with a side of what is best said through what you put on your back!

And for you?

Let us know which fashion quote accompanies your fave Vogue Nights Jozi look.

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