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The library needs you

 The library needs you

Stop thinking about being a writer and just write

There is no greater teacher for the writer than the library. We learn how to write from the things we read. Your lessons could take the form of 500 words, 50 lines and hundreds of pages. It could be an old textbook, a book with dust on its cover or something that was put on the shelf this morning. There is no greater teacher for the writer than the library because it houses the eternal documentation of great minds.

Do not just look at the shelves. Read everything. Everything that has ever been written is capable of giving you your own voice. How you write is an arrangement of all the voices of the teachers you spent time reading. We do not believe that there is no one with a voice that belongs to them and them only ‘since there is nothing new under the sun’. We will not discourage you from discovering a voice that has never been heard until you started writing.

Practice. Write until your wrist hurts. Write about what you see, what you hear and what you know. There is someone who has the words out there but needs your voice to tell the story. Do not stop, ever. The library needs you.

Read because great writers are great readers who are able to use correct grammar and spelling.

Breathe though. Rediscover your voice. And use it again.

Write to teach, to heal, because you want to. Write what you like, what you think. Write for yourself, for the future, for the world. The teacher will always be here, she will not retire but the student will need the help of another teacher. Write. Teach. Contribute to the school.


Tshedza Mashamba