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Day 5 – Golden Hour by @Kat_Kaptures [Twitter]


3 weeks of what the lens captures

Yay! Another 3 weeks of photography.

It must be a ‘crown birthday’ for photography during March and April 2021  because it is 21 days of photography in 2021. The talent in our photography that is being celebrated in the #21DayPhotoChallengeSA. The name speaks for itself. The challenge is an exchange of photographic work that is reflects and is aligned with a daily theme for 21 days.

It is proof that photography is not just about taking photos. It is about about sourcing a feeling deep within that your body and mind cannot carry for eternity. In other words, it is about letting your emotions exist in a moment that can be reproduced and relived in its permanency.

It is for all of us

What we think is significant about the #21DayPhotoChallenge is that it does not just want the work of photographers. It wants to see South Africans laughing, what they capture while sitting on the grass and the reasons that they stop to look and document. It is a call for all our memories and moments too.

The sun’s trip back home and the gifts of the Earth

The 31st of March 2021 was Day 5 of the challenge. It was a day to share what you captured during the Golden Hour or how your captured moment of the Golden Hour looks. We saw sunsets, the silhouettes of trees; South Africa’s land while the sun packs her bags to go home.

Day 5 – Golden Hour by @Kat_Kaptures [Twitter]
The day before was the window to Day 5. It was themed Nature and thus it invited people to share their photographs of what the Earth gifted us. And it was not just leaves and greens. This day showed us that there is an abundance of gifts in raindrops and something we cannot ignore on the skin of animals.

Day 4 – Nature by @eduoceans [Twitter]

Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeese !

On Day 3, the challenge asked for something you always get back when you give it; a smile. Seeing joy live on in what has been captured is reassurance that pain always dies. It felt like a cleansing seeing Black joy, especially in the photographs of Black womanhood that were shared. The world wants to dwell on Black trauma and hurt as if that is all our bodies understand. We should see more of our happiness and smiles. We are deserving of saying cheeeeeeeeese !

Day 3 – Smile by @sasha_chatora [Twitter]

Lockdown but proudly South African

The theme lockdown followed Day 1’s call of photographs that represented what it means to be proudly South African. The photos of being locked in the house during the strangest time of many people’s lives exhibit the moments when some people felt while others worked to save the country.

Day 2 – Lockdown by @Bongz_z [Twitter]
And we love the relationship between this and being proudly South African. We say this because it is an inside job to feel pride and be proud of something during the times it feels hard to.

Day 1 – Proudly South African by @Khayeli17292132 [Twitter]
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