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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 2nd Cycle of Applications 2021

 CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 2nd Cycle of Applications 2021

Get brainstorming, get your pen and paper, write a script and submit


The Write Project Team would appreciate sitting together to consider your submission for its second cycle for its short film fund. The first cycle of submissions was so successful that The Write Project has no doubt that this cycle will be as successful. 1500 minds created work for submission in the first cycle. The Write Project has faith that greatness will arrive at their submission box in this cycle too. In other words, they believe in your craft.

The Write Project’s Objective

The creative industry is not an easy space to navigate. The ladder to the apex of success often wobbles due to financial instability and distribution challenges. In the film space, this is independent filmmakers’ reality. It is extremely discouraging to have to step down the ladder because you cannot lift your legs to get to where you would like to. Therefore, The Write Project offers you their hand through their multi million film fund. When you hold onto the hand they are reaching out to you, you are grabbing onto the opportunity to continue to share your creative work with the world.

The Write Project wants to see African entrepreneurial creativity in the film industry climb the ladder and reach great horizons. They plan to attain this goal by creating new jobs during the continent’s season of preparations for massive demographic waves. In additionThe Write Project aims to bring film and Africa together through film investments and film projects in our African communities. In doing so, according to The Write Project, they will be cheering ‘the production of professional audiovisual works on and promoting international co-production’.

So, what are you waiting for?

Share what is in your mind with The Write Project. Put it down on paper. Submit.

A message of encouragement from The Write Project

‘Congratulations to the writers/filmmakers who have made it this far! To all the new applicants, keep creating and keep writing. We are looking forward to review your projects.’

‘We selected a wide variety of content from our 1st cycle of applications from over 1500 submissions.
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Tshedza Mashamba