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Converse Renew Labs

 Converse Renew Labs

Converse expands its sustainable outreach with the introduction of Renew Labsa project led by Converse All Stars to fuel sustainable innovation

How do your sneakers look? And not just any sneakers, but your Converse All Stars? How do those look? Has the aiglet of your shoelace has detached from the shoelace itself? Maybe the sole has been misplaced? Do not worry because Converse is ready for you to bring them.

The Renewal Project

Converse has launched a sneaker renewal project with the introduction of their Renew Labs campaign. The project aims to bring your old sneakers to life again.

Converse is offering you the opportunity for you to revive your All Stars. Experience the same butterflies you felt when you first bought them. Go and love your shoes like you did when you first laid your eyes on the classic All Stars sneakers. The introduction of Renew Labs invites customers to collaborate and contribute to Converse’s mission to create in more sustainable and innovative ways. In addition, this will allow an extension of product life. Renew Labs will provide Converse consumers a premium service, where they are able to revive their previously loved Converse sneakers. The revival will take place through quick clean offerings to rubber sole lining repairs and color customization amongst others. The popup allows consumers to learn more about Converses’ Renew product offering while spotlighting local sustainable artisans, seamstresses and cobblers.

In addition to the activation space in South Africa, Converse All Stars launched a Renew Labs virtual store on the pacific garbage patch. The patch contains 80MM tons of plastic spread over 1.6MM Square Kilometers. Additionally, with the aim of closing it down ASAP by donating the proceeds to remove the plastic waste it stands on. The virtual store features a collection of new sustainable prototypes created by the All Stars as part of Renew Labs.

Converse Renew Labs will be available in Johannesburg, at Sandton City Centre Court from 30 April to 2 May 2021.

Go breathe life into your All Stars.


Tshedza Mashamba