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Plascon and Durban artist pay tribute to Afro-futurism in a welcoming, colourful mural

 Plascon and Durban artist pay tribute to Afro-futurism in a welcoming, colourful mural

Paying Homage to Afro-Futurism

Children of Africa, we have the responsibility to carry on our backs the philosophy and science of our people found in proverbs, folktale and rock art amongst others that the elders have passed down to us. Afro-Futurism is our tool of the continuation of our African stories. It is the evaluation of the times we live in and have lived in. Its objective is to create improved conditions and spaces for Black people and people of the African diaspora. We see this in art, music and literature. It is about the future of Africa.

Kev Seven’s mural

Durban-based visual artist Kev Seven is connecting us to who we truly are through his edgy new mural that pays homage to Afro-Futurism, fashion, the evolution of African identity and its relationship to the modern world. In addition, the mural forms part of an initiative – set to bring colour to public spaces – supported by coatings brand, Plascon.

The story of African narrated on his public artwork is situated at Noble Park in Berea, Durban. It invites every single one us, of African descent, to view it. The mural has personality. It greets viewers with a racy typographical treatment of the word HEITA . HEITA belongs to our own little spaces in our corner of this continent. It is our way of saying ‘hello’; something for us. In addition, the mural’s focal point is a portrait of a young Black woman with natural hair. She wears also lime-tinted shades.

His use of colour

With a wide range of products and colours to choose from, Seven opted for the durable and low odour acrylic PVA, Plascon True Colour Brilliant Sheen, to bring his vision to life. Specially formulated for strength and durability on both interiors and exteriors, with a stain resistant and easy to clean sheen finish, Plascon True Colour Brilliant Sheen tint
bases provide an abundance of colour tinting options for long lasting, rich colours, making it the perfect choice for an outdoor mural project such as this.

Words from the artist

Kev Seven, also known as Kevin Ngwenya, is a Durban Graffiti and Mural artist born in Umlazi. The artist who spent his childhood days in the township, south of Durban focuses on a symbiotic relationship. This relationship exists between public art and design and its impact on modern pop-culture. In addition, he has worked on projects with various themes that include women empowerment through fashion and the promotion of local arts and culture through tourism.

He expresses: ‘I am a conceptual artist formally trained in Fine Art, Graphic Design and Cultural Studies. For me design drives ideas, conversations and messaging in public and private spaces’. SJ Artists manages Kev Seven. Additionally, Plascon commissioned Seven to bring a series of three public murals to life.  Shani Judes founded SJ Artists in 2012 which specialises in curating large-scale, exciting public art projects.

Furthermore, Plascon sponsored Kev Seven’s colourful mural. According to Suvasin Moodley, Head of Decorative Marketing at Plascon expressed their excitement. Moodley said ‘We are thrilled with the outcome and would like to thank the artist and all involved in the project for this amazing expression of homegrown talent. It’s great to be able to contribute to the positive upliftment of Durban’s urban landscape.’

Tshedza Mashamba