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The Commune: a place for rest in Johannesburg

 The Commune: a place for rest in Johannesburg

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Before you go home

Before you walk down the Nelson Mandela Bridge to catch a taxi home from Bree taxi rank or listen to your favourite song at five in the evening on your way home, rest. Home should not be the only place that offers you the time to put your feet up. Your comfort space should not only be on your bed. Our bodies always request the time to recuperate from the illnesses of capitalism. In other words, capitalism is a disease and rest is our medication. And our pharmacy is The Commune.

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The Commune in Nonzuzo Gxekwa’s eyes, a place for rest

Sitting down and facing the woman who was present when the run rose in The Commune, our conversation of what The Commune seeks to provide you made us realize how important it is to listen to your body. Nonzuzo Gxekwa, sitting in a comfortable position, shared with us how she views The Commune as four walls that embrace you when the world throws destructive things your way. For her, everyone who walks in should leave feeling like they sat on the couch in silence while their body vented to them.

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Everyone who walks into The Commune rests to the extent where leaving feels challenging.

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Having been to The Commune before, we think that sitting upstairs on the couch and having a cup of tea while eating a slice of carrot cake is about to become part of how we love and care for ourselves. Listening to your body does not just mean allowing it to find home in between your bed sheets. Rest means taking in every breath and paying attention to your exhalation. You can find rest in reading, just reading. Take care of yourself without having to empty your wallet. Gxekwa expressed that The Commune doors are open to each and every one of us. She believes that we all deserve rest regardless of how much harm the world has inflicted on us. The Commune does not force you to rest by giving your money; you can walk in, sit down and just breathe.

You can find your way to The Commune situated in Braam. For more information visit:

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