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The Dark Room Artist on journeying the streets with his camera

 The Dark Room Artist on journeying the streets with his camera

Mountains we moved Image©? Tshepiso Seleke 2021


Imparting knowledge on street photography during a walk on the streets

Walking has been in a relationship with humanity since the beginning of time. It has been the accompaniment to conversations during strolls. The motion of  our legs has taken us to important destinations and down dangerous lanes. Did you know that taking a walk can teach you?

Were you aware that journeying on foot has the ability to lead you down paths of creative discovery?

We had a conversation with Tshepiso Seleke on the knowledge he imparts during his Street Foto Tours.


He describes it as a crash course for street photography. It is a learn all you can while you walk. In addition to walking and learning, his accompaniments are gifted the opportunity to see the streets through his eyes/lens. The people who journey the streets with also experience his personal experience with street photography. In other words, they go from standing in front of his exhibit of the street to standing behind the camera with him. His accompaniments join him in his process of breathing fire into the mundane.

Chasing after Gold
Image©? Tshepiso Seleke 2021
‘Photo walks are amazing and therapeutic’- Tshepiso Seleke

Seleke’s expression that the street journeys he embarks on with his lens offer his body an outlet for liberation is beautiful. We imagine that Street Foto Tours provide him a cathartic release. This is his outpouring.

Mountains we moved
Image©? Tshepiso Seleke 2021
The reason for these journeys

Street Foto Tour was born from Seleke’s wish to give back to young photographers who aspire to follow his path. He believes that this can be realized by teaching young photographers to enter sustaining relationships with the camera.

One step further
Image©? Tshepiso Seleke 2021
The unsung heroes

One thing Seleke adores photographing on the streets are the people who wake up everyday to make a difference in their lives. We imagine that unsung heriones are the mothers who wake up to sell amagwinya so their children can eat. In our eyes, these are the children who walk to school. They are the fathers who catch taxis to work daily. This mundane routine offers others extraordinary lives. It cannot be something we just ignore and fail to document.

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