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A conversation with rapper Nelzy Elkay on her music

 A conversation with rapper Nelzy Elkay on her music

Nelzy Elkay on her music

Hip-hop is a part of the heartbeat of South African music. Without it, there is no life in the songs we play and love. Therefore, it important for us to celebrate and appreciate the music that we are gifted with by the Hip-hop genre. We spoke to someone who gifts us with lyricism and rhyme, Nelzy Elkay, about her music.

Nelzy Elkay, whose memories lie in the roots of the land of Ga Matlatla in Limpopo, describes herself as a 20 year old rapper who has achieved success in 2020 and 2021. We imagine that on her wall of accolades, she will hang on there her MAMA21 (Mzansi Arts and Music Awards 2021) nomination for Best Hip Hop Artist of the year. This is in addition to all her other accolades.

[Read our conversation on her music below]
SA Creatives: The world is already against Black womanhood and You’re a black woman in hip hop. What does this mean for you? How do you deal with the challenges?

Nelzy Elkay: This means that everyone has their different races and they can actually win if they are determined to. I deal with so many challenges day by day. You would not believe that there are men who still believe that they should be the dictators of what women can and not do. Therefore, I have to face many challenges. However, that does not stop me from excelling at my craft. In fact, it actually gives me more power to prove that what men can do, women can do it perfectly.

SA Creatives: What goals do you have (for Black womanhood in Hip Hop and the music industry as a whole?)

Nelzy Elkay: My goal is to change the world, especially the way men see women in the rap industry. My goal is to heal souls and again to give good music in good times.

SA Creatives: Who do you write music for and why them?

Nelzy Elkay: I write music for everyone. I believe that everyone in the world needs to heal from their (past) traumatic experiences. And my music is their way to recovery. I think that when people hear good music, something within them is healed.

SA Creatives: What or who inspired you to become a rapper?

Nelzy Elkay: Definitely Nicki Minaj. I learned how to put my words together from her own lyricism.

SA Creatives: I assume you write your own music. Talk us through your writing process please.

Nelzy Elkay: Yes, I write my music. It’s a very cheering period to know that this is what I am creating. What I like the most is that I am writing this for people out there, not for myself. This means that I have to relate with what is happening daily in the world.

SA Creatives: Complete the sentence: your sound is ____?

Nelzy Elkay: My sound is a healer and it relates to everyone in this world.

Listen to her music here:

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