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MAL Is Building Libraries: Keeping The Flame of Knowledge Burning

 MAL Is Building Libraries: Keeping The Flame of Knowledge Burning

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To Build a Library is to Keep the Flame of Knowledge Burning

There is an African proverb that emphasizes the significance of wisdom and knowledge. We think about it a lot. What will happen to the children who will come generations later when access to their epistemology lies a few feet in the ground? The repository of wisdom reads: ‘When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.’

If we want to document our knowledge for centuries, we must ensure that before the library burns to the ground, we take the flames from the burning fire of wisdom. And ignite the roots of our essence in order to keep the remnants of the library.

MAL Foundation

MAL; Make A Library Foundation is a Not For Profit South African project born from the fire within its team to keep the knowledge flame burning. This happens through their building of libraries in under-resourced communities. They are in the process of keeping the flame of knowledge burning for generations to come.

Through Graphic Design, Fashion and Accessories, Branding, Product Design, Jewllery, Advertising and Textile Design, they just want to do good stuff for South Africa. This is what they stand by. In addition, the good they strive to attain for our communities extends to the good they strive to attain for communities globally.


We believe in the significance of their work because we believe that to feed a child knowledge is to sustain an entire generation. A library breaks down the four walls that restrict the mind. Books and what they have to say allows whoever enters that world to fly. Additionally, access to knowledge should not be treated as a privilege. It is not. In fact, our Constitution regards education as a fundamental right.

The Make A Library Project comes to life through creativity and at least 10% of the profit made from what is exchanged. Furthermore, the team stands for transparency and sustainability.

If you would like to be a part of this important work and help make the planet a much better place, visit:

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