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Fashion Forum with Nellie by SA Creatives x Stadio School of Fashion

SA Creatives and Stadio School of Fashion are changing the narrative

The media has the most important voice in our society. It is powerful and constantly tells us what we should think of ourselves, each other and the world at large. In addition, the media can be used a tool of control; to control thoughts, actions and societal perceptions. As a result, there are many consequences that arise from the decisions made by leaders of media companies and those who sit in meetings where decisions about what is consumed should say to the consumer. Sometimes, the effects are good. However, often they are not. This is because there is a gaze that cannot be easily detached from the media. This gaze is narrow and consequently, removes representations and excludes people from images and messages in the media. Disabled people, queer people, transgender people, people with dark skin and many others are either unrepresented or misrepresented and sometimes both.

Therefore, how do we fix the issue of representation in media? Whose job is it to represent the people in our society who are unrepresented, under-represented and misrepresented? Is it the job of the media? Are we, individuals, the people who have the responsibility to change the narrative?

There is no correct answer. However, we should all come together and do something about it.

Nande Sulelo and Anel van Vuuren – Episode 1
What are we doing about it?

At SA Creatives, we have partnered with Stadio School of Fashion, formerly LISOF, to sit down and discuss the issues surrounding representation and inclusitivity in the media. Our conversational platform aims to spark a debate and in doing so, change the narrative. We want to go from thinking: ‘Nothing will be done about it because it has always been this way’ to thinking ‘What can we do with what we have, in the spaces we are in, about the problems we see have an effect on our lives?’.

Join our conversational platform hosted by Anel van Vuuren where she sits down with guests in media spaces to discuss what solutions we can attain.

In our first episode, Anel sits down with Nande Sulelo to discuss the topic: If Media was unfiltered, what would fashion look like?



Tshedza Mashamba