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Terrence? and Sean gift us Beloved, a digital album

 Terrence? and Sean gift us Beloved, a digital album

Beloved, a digital album

There are certain songs that sound like they were made on a Wednesday evening for people who like to sit alone on Sunday afternoons while the sun dances around the canvas of the sky. Beloved by Johannesburg-based Terrence? and Sean is a body of work that sounds like a group of gifted people created it on a Wednesday evening for Sunday people.

Tranquility, something close to beautiful

If the sound were visuals, in films it would show scenery of nature’s creations, breathing in and out. When we close our eyes, we see the whispers of the motion of the water a river carries. It feels and sounds like a calm Sunday afternoon accompanied by a soft, quiet breeze. The adjective we are looking for is something close to beautiful.

All this was poured into Beloved, three songs that resemble tranquility, a digital album that explores an exchange of feelings between lovers. Every single element of the body of work is the replay of conversations about what lies in one’s heart. There are vocals coming from two hearts and minds that sound like an exchange of thoughts and at times, words.


In addition, there are moments where poetry walks above the sound and reminds us of her relationship with it. We hear her in the song Cry If You Need To. The song begins with the entrance of soothing vocals of a lover who expresses her wishes to be one with her love until the end of time. It narrates the tale of a bond between lovers who are afraid to detach from it. Additionally, what sounds like the recital of a poem about a lover who stands before the speaker completes the song.

Beloved’s production hand-in-hand with all the lyrics exhibits a breath of fresh air in the music arena. The indie hip-hop and conscious rap genres walk side-by-side with a little of rhythm and blues and bits of soul.

Catch The Moon is the song we would play on repeat for days. It begins with a short love letter and transcends into the deepest expression of emotions. The title reminds us of a vow to love your partner and bring the moon to them. It entered us and stayed.

What a beautiful musical gift.

Listen to Beloved here:

Tshedza Mashamba