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The Write Project 12 Step Series Crash Course

 The Write Project 12 Step Series Crash Course

Do you have a story locked up inside you?

How do you begin writing a story to turn it into a film? We assume the natural first answer for most of us would be, you just start writing down whatever comes to your mind first. Maybe for others, you begin with a blank page and ink. Some people will tell you that your story needs to begin with a Big Bang! Other people believe that if you do not help your reader understand where your story is going from the first word, they won’t get it. Worry not though. There really is no correct answer because things like writing are an art that only needs to be harnessed.

The Write Project is available to help all screenwriters improve their craft. In other words, they are here to transform your script into an award winning film. 

With their 12 Step Screenwriting crash course, they take you through every step of writing a script like no other. The main objective of the course is to help you (the screenwriter) in the process of writing your screenplay.

Returning to the question: How do you begin writing a story to turn it into a film? The Write Project’s answer lies in the inciting incident. This is what they believe is one of the six structural elements of an effective story.

A little peak:

The Write Project gets you started in the screenwriting process by explaining the basics of the Three-Act Structure, in the second part of a 12-step series designed to aid you in writing your next screenplay.

Moreover, the three-act story structure divides a story into three distinct sections, each anchored around one or more plot points that drive the overall action. In addition, over the course of the three acts, a complete story unfolds. The true three-act structure isn’t a formula. It keeps your beginning separate from your middle and your middle separate from your end.

Additionally, the third step of the crash course is designed to break down the significance of the first ten pages of your script.

A little birdie from the Write Project also told us to let you know that in order to help yourself understand the series better, you should watch Back To The Future in preparation for the series.

This video will show you: how to write a screenplay, a script and how to come  up with a great idea


Finally, if you believe that this series is exactly what you need to write the film you have always wanted to see on screen, we have one thing to say to you. Go on and learn!


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Tshedza Mashamba