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2021 Great Texts / Big Questions Online Lecture, presented by writer and artist Percy Mabandu!

 2021 Great Texts / Big Questions Online Lecture, presented by writer and artist Percy Mabandu!

Percy Mabandu’s Lecture taking place today

The key to meaningful conversation lies in what the listener takes home from it. We should strive to sit down and have conversations that will create new ways of thinking and offer us other lenses through which we can see the world. These conversations are always important to have in the spaces we create and aim to create new experiences and meaningful social impact. In the art spaces (and other creative spaces), the creator is always leading the conversation by inviting their audience into their minds and life experiences. Even though, these conversations are not verbal they are still conversations with the power to allow the listener to take as much as they would from a verbal conversation. Let us have more conversations in these spaces and join the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) on their conversational platform. The Institute for Creative Arts (ICA)‘s Great Texts / Big Questions sheds light on issues, solutions and offers a safe space to learn and impart knowledge for creatives in our society. If you have the time to sit down and learn today (9 June 2021), please join their conversation taking place on Zoom at 1pm. This conversation will offer you the opportunity to learn about how important the mind is to creatives and ways in which we can take care of ourselves during these difficult times. Read below to find out more.

Join the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) today, Wednesday 9 June, @ 1pm for our penultimate 2021 Great Texts / Big Questions Online Lecture, presented by writer and artist Percy Mabandu!

Mabandu writes: A great uncertainty is upon the world, we are haunted by a mysterious menace that’s not fully revealed. Everywhere is death and dearth occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this lecture, I conduct a meditative exploration, a call to a leadership of creatives, the heartiness of the arts, as we all grope for a new grammar against grand grief — a new song — cry, smile, and then a dance!The event will be facilitated by photographer and academic George Mahashe, and the lecture will be followed by a Q&A with online viewers. Join us at 1pm! Access the Zoom link here.

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