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A limited edition by Sir Abner x Fabric Bank

 A limited edition by Sir Abner x Fabric Bank

What is described as an ethereal piece of moving art.

Light and flowers are the same. The emission of every light particle narrates its own distinct tale. A light bulb does not have what the moon does. In addition, daisies and roses carry different kinds of beauty. However, let us focus on light. Photographs are synonyms with light, but in our eyes, the light is compressed into a feeling. Somewhere between the sun and her stars, there is a light emitted that sits in our hearts.

This morning we felt this light come through in the 50 copies of Sir Abner’s MMAHLAHO and MMAMETSI. Johannesburg based Sir Abner, who was gifted the name Seboni Abner Makgamatha, is a visual graphic artist whose work dances in the spaces of fashion and textiles. Its dance comes to life in what he creates as an Art Director for David Tlale Couture and David by David Tlale diffusion line. With MMAHLAHO and MMAMETSI, Sir Abner breathed life into stills and captured moments. These stills and captured moments of two Black women wearing effortlessly beautiful white dresses live in between the threads of the fabric of curtains. This is a look at how this was created by him and Fabric Bank.

A look at the creation of the limited edition

Given the name The Dreamcather, the limited edition by Sir Abner and Fabric Bank, the body of work was first birthed as photographs from a casual fitting session for a fashion show. It was subsequently created into a functional art piece made for our home spaces. The functional piece the photographs find home on is 280cm of organic cotton. We are gifted this much cotton to give us the opportunity to hem if we deem it necessary.

Fabric Bank expressed: ‘After seeing how beautifully haunting and dreamlike the models’ fitting photos turned out, Sir Abner decided to apply the images to fabric to create a new narrative and explore the idea of the honest conscious of ones dreams.’

The photographs of the ethereal women form a part of a space that feels like the epitome of comfort. Instead of being framed, they dwell on organic cotton that knows the corners of the room it is hung in. The ethereal piece of moving art is both functional and personal.


The limited series is available for customers and art enthusiasts to collect. There are only 25 copies of MMAHLAHO and 25 copies of MMAMETSI. The curtains are available for purchase exclusively via KNUS.


Tshedza Mashamba