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In conversation with Dineo Kodisang, a young talented author

 In conversation with Dineo Kodisang, a young talented author

Dineo Kodisang on writing and Love and Sorrow

Johannesburg South based Dineo Kodisang finds her passion in writing. At just 17 years old, she has gifted this world a story that reflects on our society in her novel Love and Sorrow. The book explores  the realities that many women face daily. In other words, its narrative is one that tells us, the readers, of the heartbreaking stories of sexual violence and abuse, rape and depression. She writes to change the world and describes herself as a vibrant individual who brings along with her a unique aura everywhere she goes. In addition, Kodisang has been recognized as a talented young writer. She is currently nominated for The Book Behind Awards. Please support and vote for her below.

We spoke to Kodisang about her passion for writing and her novel.

What inspired you to write Love and Sorrow? Who did you write it for?

wrote Love And Sorrow to bring about change, to educate and to give the reader something to think about. The novel is a voice for women. It shows women and girls that even as a teenage mother, one can flourish. Although, I have portrayed Love And Sorrow as a mystery,  it is a book that I have set out to be a voice for someone out there anywhere.

Take us through the process of writing your novel.

Writing Love And Sorrow was one of the most challenging yet natural things to do. Writing Love And Sorrow is something I can never forget or exchange for anything.  It took many mental blocks that I had to thinking of a story line at 3am in the morning. Therefore, Writing Love And Sorrow is something I will remember until the day I die.

Why did you decide to express this particular narrative? Is it something close to your heart?

I expressed Love And Sorrow in the manner that I did because it is something close to my heart. It is something that someone could be going through right now but they cannot talk about. The topics discussed in the book are topics that some individuals are scared to talk about. I wanted to take the first step. I wanted to be the one that initiates the conversation.

What are your future plans within the writing space?

As an author, and a blogger,. I plan write a lot more, educate a lot more and entertain a lot more. Being a Best Young Adult Author nominee for The Book Behind Awards, is putting my dream one step closer to being a reality.

Complete the sentence: ‘Novels are…’

Novels are an imaginary world in literature that I love being a part of.

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