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International Identity Day Design Competition Invitation to Participate

 International Identity Day Design Competition Invitation to Participate



the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

Identity is what makes us who we are. It is difficult to define it as a rigid aspect of a person since it is malleable and some of us live our lives constantly discovering and rediscovering it. Some people are in search of their identity while others have never felt displaced. It is crucial to recognize the significance of identity because it plays an important role in law and politics. Identity  has the power to determine our responsibilities and in doing so, determine how we lead our lives. This aspect is also intersectional and can lead us down many educational paths. We would like to see identity and everything that comes with it through your narratives and work. This is a time where African voices and art is being placed at the forefront of our spaces hence the stories of identity we are seeking are those that come from deep within the minds and hearts of African artists. Therefore, this is a call to all African artists whose work has something to say and reflect on our identity and experiences with our essence.

The objective of our call is aligned with the mission to acknowledge September 16 as international ID (identity) Day. ID4Africa is inviting creatives in Africa to participate in the International Identity Day (ID-Day) Design Competition. This competition aims to help raise awareness on the importance of ID-Day, celebrated on September 16, and the cause of Identity for all.

What do you have to say about identity? ID4Africa is ready to hear it through your art, design, photography regardless of your skill level. Read the article below to find out more about the ID4Africa ID Day 2021 competition and its eligibility requirements as well as how to enter.



Just under 1 billion of the world’s 7.9 billion population have no legal identity and roughly 500 million of that number live on the African continent. ID-Day seeks to raise awareness on this disturbing reality and educate on the role of identity as a key enabler of inclusive socio-economic development, empowering individuals to exercise their rights and responsibilities fairly and equitably in society.


Our design competition challenges participants to create an impactful design that captures the essence of the ID-Day campaign, promotes awareness and action on the issue of identity.


This competition is open exclusively to African digital artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, professional or amateur, residing in Africa.


The deadline for submission is July 16, 2021. The winner will receive a cash award of US$3,000 courtesy of Integrated Biometrics, contest sponsor, and the winning design will serve as the official ID-Day 2021 campaign design.


For more information on the competition, please visit

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