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The Birth of Kiki X Chucky

 The Birth of Kiki X Chucky

PHOTO BY (Instagram) || MILES OF RAGE EVENT @milesofrage (Instagram)


The rise of a true pioneer and master mind lyricist, Kiki X Chucky

Hip Hop has welcomed with open arms a great artist who grew up under the sun of the city of gold, Johannesburg. The young Hip Hop/Trap/Trap Soul artist is described as the only hardest rager in our land who is a representation of Johannesburg South as well as Johannesburg North.

His name is Kiki X Chucky and this is the story of his birth in music. His musical expression journey is rooted in his inherent love for music. Since 2012, Kiki X Chucky has poured out his feelings into lyrics and vocals. This means that his music cannot be easily detached from what lies within his mind and heart. It is a part of him which he expresses is also his source of inspiration and motivation. Since his music comes from what he carries inside it makes sense when he says: ‘Right now at this point in life, I am my own vehicle of motivation and inspiration’.

PHOTO BY (Instagram) || MILES OF RAGE EVENT @milesofrage (Instagram)

The spiritual realm breathes in his music too. His single titled 444 exhibits the presence of spiritual entities in his musical expression. In addition, his drive and journey are guided by what went into the birth of the 444 body of work. Kiki X Chucky explains this when he expresses: ‘It is a number and symbol of protection and encouragement against all negative and evil energies surrounding us; a sign that you are currently following the right path. If you see the number 444 repeatedly, it is often your angels giving you a sign that they are with you’. Therefore, what comes from spirituality comes out in his music.

The Price Went Up

His new single, released in 2021, is a musical expression of his emotional struggles that subsequently disconnected him from those who love his music. The single is successful and it seems that it will soar higher than his previously released songs. Additionally, his fans, the 444 KULT Gang, have shown him love with his new single. We cannot wait to see their love for the upcoming 444 music video.

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