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4AM releases a brand-new single “Our People”.

 4AM releases a brand-new single “Our People”.

Amazing and lively band rocks South African citizens’ world.

Local brand, 4AM, has just released a high energy and fast-paced song that has a feel-good message for the people of South Africa to enjoy.

About the band 4AM

4AM is a South African Folk, Indie, Reggae, Pop Rock Party band from Johannesburg, South Africa that was first formed in 2010. Their music has gained recognition all over South Africa since then. Before starting the band, the members were actually friends in high school. Their music evolved and changed through the years until they finally found a style that fit their characters. 4AM enjoys playing fun and uplifting music, for example. This is because the members themselves enjoy listening to these types of songs. They also

The band has managed to combine several music genres which sets them apart from other South African bands. The energy level the members display also create a fantastic live atmosphere for their crowd.

Their new song

4AM’s song “Our People” has recently been released and fans are going wild. It is infused with generic “African-inspired” sounds to ensure that it is relatable to the local people of our country.  The song even resembles Shakira’s “Waka Waka” and is a sure way to get the people of our country dancing. Mark Wainstein, the brand’s lead singer, has a beautifully melodic voice which is a tremendous asset to the 4AM’s latest single. The song is undeniably catchy due to carefree melodies, all of which are comprised of a stimulating beat and beautifully played acoustic guitar. On the brand’s Facebook page, the brand stated that they dedicated this amazing song to their 4am family as well as our beautiful country. The message of this song is one of unity and the theme of patriotic wholesomeness is clearly present in the lyrics.

Danielle Arndt