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A Look Into The JessicaJane 2021 Winter Range

 A Look Into The JessicaJane 2021 Winter Range

Embody your superwoman with this feminine couture winter range

Fueled by her passion in helping women find their beauty and confidence, Jessica Molebatsi presents her Vivacious & Vintage collection for her brand label, JessicaJane. A range filled with the powerful energy of a divinely feminine woman. Jessica successfully designs her winter range with the intention of empowering women. Gifting these superwomen with an effortlessly chic wardrobe which is both comfortable and sophisticated.

Vivacious & Vintage comes to life with brightly sequined garments of acid yellow and cerise pink hues. A direct contrast to what we presume as a “winter colour palette”. These colourful garments exude an ethereal happiness and positive energy which amplifies the brightness within the women who wear them.

The inspiration behind Vivacious & Vintage

This winter range jumped into being when Jessica was transfixed by an acid yellow roll of sequins fabric. The designer says that she found the colour interesting, which intrigued her and pushed her into creating Vivacious & Vintage. Drawn instinctively to texture, Jessica’s love for winter fashion provided her with the foundation of creating a range for the season. The acid yellow trench coat being one of the items to excite the designer, has an oversized structure and eye-catching fabric that brings excitement to the range. As key item for the winter,  the trench coat is fully lined and warm with sequins being a great insulator.

“The essence of this collection was about enabling women to express their individuality.” – Jessica.

The designer leans into other styles as she grabs inspiration from the romanticism of the French aesthetic. The range simply becoming a perfect balance between vivacious and vintage. However, the designer’s primary influences and sources of inspiration being her clients and her own life as a working mom. Jessica puts these women first by creating a collection that empowers women without having to make them fit a specific mold and be uncomfortable in the process.

An International future

Jessica dreams of one day taking this collection internationally and Spain might just be the perfect fit for this designer. “As South Africans, we tend to be more timid with our fashion choices. The Spanish on the other hand are wonderfully unafraid to take risks and try things out” says Jessica. This being one of the drivers in her bright and bold aesthetics. Her combination of colour, classism and clever cuts have earned the designer’s garments the attention of well known personalities such as Mini Dlamini, Boity and the late Winnie Mandela.

Jessica believes that through the conceptualizing process, designers cultivate the initial energy of a collection to bring garments into existence from the original concept. With much effort put into creating the JessicaJane range, Jessica offers her clients a perfectly designed wardrobe for the polished and professional women.


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