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Newest Kitchen Design Trend You Need To Know About.

 Newest Kitchen Design Trend You Need To Know About.

Built-in Kitchen Appliances Are A Trend Showing No Signs Of Slowing Down!

One design trend you need to hear about is including built-in kitchen appliances when designing your dream kitchen. These appliances are a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down in popularity any time soon!

John Molyneaux from Miele South Africa says: “Although free-standing appliances remain popular, any well-dressed kitchen will boast integrated kitchen appliances throughout. There are many aesthetic and functional benefits of installing built-in appliances. It is easy to understand why they have evolved into a must-have design element for today’s modern kitchens.”

Built-in appliances are incorporated into the kitchen cabinetry, walls, or countertops for a modern look. Integrated appliances are covered with an exterior panel so that it blends in seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry. This offers a sleek appearance. However, it is important to note that not all appliances can be fully integrated, says Jon: “Usually, a good kitchen design will either boast all built-in appliances, or a mixture of integrated and built-in appliances. Large appliances lend themselves well to full integration.”

Just like any other home investment one needs to do, there are benefits when it comes to built-in appliances. These offer several functional as well as design benefits that freestanding appliances do not. These benefits include, but is not limited to sleek good looks, space-saving, better functionality, easier to clean and, of course, increasing your property value when it comes to the sellers and buyers’ market.

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Sleek good looks:

The demand has been increasing for a kitchen that offer better aesthetics. Jon notes: “It’s all about creating a sense of uniformity for a satisfying and design-orientated result. Take Miele’s Artline range of built-in kitchen appliances for example. The collection dispenses with handles entirely to blend in seamlessly with flush furniture fronts. The range interprets the concept of full appliance integration in a whole new way. The function of the handle has a sensor that is built into the fascia, called Touch2Open technology. Gently touching this sensor opens the motor-assisted door. It’s all about simplicity and diverting the visual focus to cabinetry details instead.”

Space-saving benefits:

By selecting built-in appliances, you will free up precious space and also be able to install more appliances. Says Jon: “You can now select a variety of appliances and create an attractive and space-efficient bank of built-in appliances. Miele’s range of built-in appliances can be installed in a variety of different ways. They are designed to match each other perfectly across the entire product range. This allows for seamless visual pairing.”

Better functionality: 

“An oven installed at eye-level is far easier to operate than one where you have to bend down to look inside,” explains Jon. He also adds that built-in appliances allow you to choose where you would like them to be positioned. Instead of their location being dictated to you. “This makes them easier to use, and also allows you to use otherwise awkward spaces in an efficient manner.”

Easier to clean: 

Due to the way that built-in appliances are installed, there are no gaps or spaces between the appliances where dirt can get trapped. Jon says that this makes them quicker and easier to clean, and makes for a more hygienic overall kitchen space.

Increased property values: 

Many potential homebuyers look for a nice kitchen since it tends to be one of the most expensive areas to renovate. They will be willing to pay more for a property with a beautiful new kitchen with built-in appliance solutions. Investing in a reliable kitchen appliance brand, like Miele for example, is a good choice. You are investing in a defined level of quality, performance, sustainability, and service. Jon says: “When you invest in a Miele appliance, you are investing in quality ahead of its time. It’s this quality that will no doubt add value to your home if you ever decide to sell.”

When it comes to things to consider, Jon says that built-in kitchen appliances will need a few deep pockets to replace. Meaning that it is crucial to choose top-quality appliances to ensure that you enjoy the maximum lifespan of the appliance. Miele appliances are designed to last for a minimum of 20 years. This is far longer than the average- 7-year lifespan of most of its competitors. You should also ensure that you select the most energy and water efficient appliances possible.

Another major consideration is to ensure that your chosen appliances are silent when in operation, notes Jon: “Any movement when operating could have disastrous effects to the structure of the cabinetry over time. Also, you do not want to listen to your appliances doing their job. To this end, Miele has gone to extreme lengths to ensure such quiet operation. You wouldn’t know that the machine is even in operation.”

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