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SA artists collaborate on new single, “Breakup Riddim”.

 SA artists collaborate on new single, “Breakup Riddim”.

Nhlanhla Nciza, Mr Eazi and DJ Aroma collaborate on a brilliant new song.

Three African countries have merged in a new brilliant love song “Breakup Riddim” that  is infused with amapiano musical style.

The decision to collaborate

The multiple award-winning DJ Aroma has explained he and Mr Eazi have had multiple conversations about releasing a tune together. Since the year 2019, there have been a couple songs that the two artists have worked on but this year gave them every reason to release the song. It only made sense that they collaborate to produce the best song they possibly can, together.

DJ Aroma and Mr Eazi have a long-standing relationship through their participation in the Detty Rave Concert. They have also gone on musical tours together across the continent. While Nhlanhla Nciza was included in the collaboration by Mr Eazi since he loves her songs.

Mr Eazi was immensely exciting for this opportunity to work with DJ Aroma and Nhlanhla Nciza. He truly loves the song and could not wait to get started. The synergy that the three artists shared was the beginning of the record. It was actually astonishing since Aroma plays a lot of South African music on his set and to have so many different sounds infused together was amazing.

About the song

The theme of the song can easily be picked up from the song’s title “Breakup Riddim”. It is about a man desperately pleading for the love and affection of his hot-tempered girlfriend. In the single, Mr Eazi sings about everything that he has been through for her. About how, against all odds, he fought for her and just wanted wants her to calm down and think about everything they have gone through together. And, of course, to come back to him. Mr Eazi said that it is a beautiful song about the ups as well as the downs that come with all relationships. It is such a beautiful and touching party song. It has a combination of English, Yoruba, Xhosa languages from Mr Eazi and Nhlanhla Nciza.  The song itself was written by Ghanaian DJ Aroma and features the vocals of Nigerian hitmaker Mr Eazi and South Africa’s popular female vocalist Nhlanhla Nciza. “Breakup Riddim” is available today on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.

Danielle Arndt