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Bidding has started for the 2021 African Photography Auction.

 Bidding has started for the 2021 African Photography Auction.

The largest collection of African photography ever to come to auction.

Aspire Art Auctions and the Photography Legacy Project are auctioning the work of 68 individual photographers from 14 African countries.

When the auction first began

The Photography Legacy Project (PLP) has been in operation since 2 years ago, in 2019. It has aided in putting much needed emphasis on the important contribution of South African and African photographers. The PLP’s strategy is to ensure that significant African photography collections remain on the continent. And are also made widely accessible for education as well as research purposes. It all started with four South African photographers; David Goldblatt, Alf Kumalo, Ernest Cole and Ruth Motau. Over time, it developed into and grew into the larger project we know today. With support from last year’s auction, PLP has also added another eight photographers from Sudan, Kenya, Lesotho and South Africa.

The Intention of the auction

Paintings on auction will depict diverse themes. Ranging from landscapes to gender-based issues to the Corona virus pandemic and more. It aims to express photography’s importance and documenting difficult occurrences. This is the second time this auction will be held, the first having taken place last year. There are high expectations this year considering the success it had the previous year.

Photographers whose work will be on display

Zimbabwean photographer Tamary Kudita’s work will be displayed. Her essay, African Victorian actually won the Open Photographer of the Year at Sony World Photography Awards in 2021. Lee-Ann Olwage’s, another award-winning photographer,  photos will also be on display. As well as her  collaboration with Belinda Qaqamba Kafassie. Whose visual essay depicts the struggles while celebrating the strength of the gay communities. All of these artists’ work will truly be something amazing to behold.

There will also be works from emerging photographers. Kongo Astronauts Collective, Etinosa Yvonne and Abno Shanan are a few of these photographers. This auction has a diverse groups of artists, all of which add depth as well as their own character to the overall offering.




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