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LimitEdition Announces Partnership with Local Brands

 LimitEdition Announces Partnership with Local Brands

LimitEdition creates high-calibre brand collaboration hub for local designers

This month LimitEdition is bringing top tier local designs to the South African culture and style avenue. Well-known for its vogue 80’s inspired sneakers, the platform now partners with independent, proudly local manufacturers and brands, to market and sell a collection of urban contemporary pieces online. LimitEdition provides a shared space that connects consumers and designers to their interests and desires. Whether it’s contemporary homeware, vogue fashion apparel and accessories as well beauty products, it all forms part of the variety, quality and style of the authentic buyer and seller experience.

“In an age of skilled entrepreneurs and an unlimited amount of high-end authentic crafted products, our country has a lot to offer. Everyone has a market, and everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in what may seem like mass saturated areas. LimitEdition’s offering contributes to the impact of ordinary everyday brands, releasing the latest designs and making them more accessible to the consumer,” says LimitEdition co-founder Vincenzo Catania. “We’re enabling small to medium brands to enter and grow in an online supply chain and ecommerce setting, as well as empower them to compete with third-party marketplaces,” Catania concludes.

The LimitEdition co-founders Mukondeleli Nengwenani, Ntombizethu Mthimkhulu and Vincenzo Catania have an eye for style with their passions ignited by South African artistry and culture. Not only do they want to provide the ultimate showcase of various talent, they’re also in pursuit of effectively using digital technology to create and amplify a community of talented local creatives in a space that is currently led by bigger, international brands. The LimitEdition platform mobilizes local designers and brands with limitations such as not having a store, struggling to find a readily available market or not having enough time for marketing initiatives.

If you’re a vibrant brand  ready to reach greater heights in your entrepreneurial venture, you can  become an accredited vendor, by registering as a seller on the flowing link Apply – Limitedition or contact for more information. Your business should be homegrown, and a non-major brand that falls in the categories of fashion, beauty and homeware.

Lolwetu Pakati