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South African Designer Wanda Lephoto Showcases “Home Affairs” Collection

 South African Designer Wanda Lephoto Showcases “Home Affairs” Collection

Wanda Lephoto Showcases Latest Spring Summer 22′ Collection

South African fashion designer Wanda Lephoto showcases his latest spring summer 2022 collection titled, “Home Affairs”  which he describes as, “A world like no other”.  The wonder star designer, whose collections reference the South African working class by using silhouettes reminiscent of utility wear, excels in unifying a classic dandy aesthetic with historic South African cultural archetypes. In late October the designer announced he’s plan to showcase a digital presentation debut of the Home Affairs collection at Lagos fashion week. For those who missed the opportunity to witness the collection come to life at fashion week worry not — Lephoto has treated viewers to a collection of images and videos which have been released on the brand’s official social media accounts. 

Home Affairs S/S 22

In the Instagram caption, Lephoto pens the inspiration behind this seasons collection as the maintenance of the two core values intrinsic to the Wanda Lephoto brand: Cultural fusion and inclusivity. The designer further explains the symbolism of, “Home Affairs” as the bases of the collection. “Home Affairs is a department of the South African government and its main function is to protect and verify the identity and status of citizens and other persons that reside in South Africa. This makes it possible for the people to realise their rights ask access benefits and opportunities in both public and private domains.” describes the designer. “To us, this represents a place of equality, that no matter your social status and class you have to pass through the hands of this department.”

One striking explanation behind the collection that really stood out is how Lephoto describes, “Home Affairs” as a, “melting pot of cultures all in one place, seeking and representing different traditions, backgrounds and histories”. Which is rather relevant to the current makeup of the multi-national South African identity witnessed today.  Some of the our favourite pieces from the spring summer collection consist of the Tartan Raincoat worn with a Brushed Wool Tartan Heritage Jacket, the Blue Horizon Workwear Shirting Jacket worn with the High Waisted Workwear Pants and the Yellow Meter Taxi Comb Knit Jersey Vest worn with a matching Relaxed Fit Drawstring Pant — All pictured below.

To see more from Wanda Lephoto’s, “Home Affairs” collection, visit the official social media account.

Lolwetu Pakati