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The Beyhive Is Enraged With Mzansi Singer Muzi

 The Beyhive Is Enraged With Mzansi Singer Muzi

It’s no secret that Beyoncé’s superfans who call themselves the Beyhive, are a fierce collective of admires that are exceedingly protective of their Queen Bee. Known as the most dedicated fans of them all, absolutely no one is exempt from the sting of the hive.

Prominent celebrities and media personalities have come into the line fire for their critiques on Beyoncé. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Rita Ora and Azeliza Banks have all been subjected to a fierce attack from the swarm in defence of the “flawless” hit-maker. As a testament to the relentless spirit of the Beyhive, in the heated debate of exposing the alleged identity of “Becky with the good hair” not only did the suspected culprit, American fashion designer Rachel Roy, fall victim to the hive as they flooded her Instagram comments with lemon and bumblebee emojis for weeks on end — but her own teenage daughter Ava Dash was subject to the hate too. The harassment went so far that Roy had to call onto the LAPD for protection after she believed a fan of the singer had hacked her.

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Today, South African DJ, singer, songwriter & record producer Muzi has found himself at the disapproval of the Beyhive. Earlier the muso shared his reaction to Beyoncé’s newly released single “BREAK MY SOUL” from her upcoming seventh studio album “RENAISSANCE” and people in the comments were not pleased to say the least. Muzi expressed his sheer disbelief at the quality of the song and went as far as labelling it as, “trash”.

Not long after, the Beyhive was fired up and shared some rather gutsy options on the “Mcane” singer and his music career. Take a look at what the Beyhive tweeps had to say in response to Muzi:

Ouch ! Thats a lot of rage directed to a person that didn’t even mention a single name, let alone Beyoncé’s name, in their tweet. Based on the outrage coming from Queen Bey’s fans, can one assume that the Beyhive have some sort of mystical mind reading powers ? Or perhaps just misdirected vexation ?

Lolwetu Pakati