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Tshedza Mashamba

Poetry in the portraiture #21DayPhotoChallengeSA

What this art form recited for us The act or art of creating a portrait was the theme of Day 19 of the #21DayPhotoChallenge. Portraiture Portraiture is an art form that saw its dawn in from tubes of paint, molds of sculpture as well as drawings. In the journey to its sunset, it was exhibited […]Read More

5th Avenue Auctioneers April 2021 Auction

A live auction for art lovers Are you a lover of art, rugs or collectibles? Is there something about these works that just speaks to you? Do you spend your time in art galleries imagining what is installed hung on the walls of your home? If you answered yes to these two questions, then stay […]Read More

Philemon Nkadi on his street photography

A conversation with Philemon Nkadimeng about his street photography We are so in awe of Philemon Nkadimeng’s street photography that just publishing an article on this work was not enough. We wanted to dive into the process of creating this work hence we had a conversation with him about his work. Not just anything The […]Read More


Thinking out the box inside a box for 15 hours a day It’s important to step out and think outside of the box! Do not stay within the cube; run out and spend time in the horizon. Imagine thinking outside of the box within a box for 15 hours. Three actors have the opportunity to […]Read More

The Sanctuary by Kago Saul

The Sanctuary Kago Saul’s The Sanctuary lives up to its name. In other words, the South African fashion brand that focuses on sourcing thrifted garments is a haven for people on their journey of discovery. It offers its clients a safe space to express and liberate themselves through what they wear. In addition, it is […]Read More

The Stories of Womanhood in the Artworks exhibited at Art

A piece on the stories of womanhood penned in this exhibition It is because of women that every living person’s soles have felt the soil of the Earth’s ground. Therefore, the voices that narrate the stories of womanhood in artworks are important. We cannot ignore the importance of women. In other words, we cannot tell […]Read More

Giant Trees in Mondli Kunene’s Artworks

When giant trees fall, they rise in Mondli Kunene’s Art Our birth is the rebirth of the people who lived before we did. We see this in art, dance to it in song and recite it in poetry. Visual artist and educator Mondli Kunene (MONDLIART) does not want us to forget those who came before […]Read More

Lethabo Huma’s artistic journey

A look into Lethabo Huma’s visual art journey Art is personal because what lies at its core is everything embedded in the artist. Art is thoughts, trauma, emotions and memories that find rest on canvases. In addition, visual diary pages create room for conceptual ideas born from the artist’s reality. It is never just a […]Read More

Sedilaka – a plea for light

When lyrics offer a helping hand [Trigger warning: grief] This weekend carried emotions that weighed heavy on our chests. It was heartbreaking. We cannot imagine a weekend that brought more devastating news. We received the news of the loss of a woman who was the epitome of kindness and a reminder that Ubuntu vastly spreads […]Read More

Red and SEI SIREN in a visual story

SEI SIREN’s Obtuse Music Video We were scrolling on our Twitter timeline one afternoon and found a gem. We are so thankful to whoever retweeted SEI SIREN’s post announcing her music video that accompanies the sound of her song, Obtuse. The music video was released on the 3rd of April 2021 and we are still […]Read More