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Tshedza Mashamba

Fashion Meets Tennis in Mbulelo Faluti’s Photographic Body of Work

The relationship between fashion and sport in Mbulelo Faluti’s photographic body of work ‘The game of tennis has always been intrinsically-tied with fashion, players endeavored to look their best while swinging their rackets’. – HYPEBEAST Sports and fashion meet on the tennis court. The love that exists between the two has become an everlasting component […]Read More

Boitumelo Machaba’s Bana Ba Metsi Bana Ba Moya Exhibition

Bana Ba Metsi Bana Ba Moya Many African children grow up in homes where our first encounters with the spiritual realm begin at home. Usually, the birth of our spiritual journeys come to life in conversations with our elders and through seeing them pray with all their hearts among other acts. I attended Boitumelo Machaba’s […]Read More

The Birth of Kiki X Chucky

The rise of a true pioneer and master mind lyricist, Kiki X Chucky Hip Hop has welcomed with open arms a great artist who grew up under the sun of the city of gold, Johannesburg. The young Hip Hop/Trap/Trap Soul artist is described as the only hardest rager in our land who is a representation […]Read More

Cosmos & Community by Tinyiko Makwakwa

Tinyiko Makwakwa’s Cosmos and the Community Sometime during the course of this week, in the beautiful space of Braamfontein in Johannesburg, we visited the Kalashnikovv Gallery. From the outside the portraits, that find home within the gallery space and rest on the walls, already have something to say. They call you in. Therefore, we stepped […]Read More

Justice Mukheli on Dismantling Preconceptions of Africa

Justice Mukheli talks to CNN’s Africa’s Voices Changmakers about his tool of dismantling the spaces that shut African people and African voices out  How to Write About Africa (2006) by Binyavanga Wainaina with its dissection of the Western perceptions of Africa is a book we should all read to understand who the world thinks we […]Read More

Street Dogs, a documentary

Street Dogs, a documentary focused on the role of waste reclaimers in our society brought to life by Samora Machel (Cape Town) born and bred Aphiwe Koti What we really appreciate about documentaries is the impact the narratives and experiences shared have on our worldview. The purpose of a documentary is rooted in the important […]Read More

A limited edition by Sir Abner x Fabric Bank

What is described as an ethereal piece of moving art. Light and flowers are the same. The emission of every light particle narrates its own distinct tale. A light bulb does not have what the moon does. In addition, daisies and roses carry different kinds of beauty. However, let us focus on light. Photographs are synonyms […]Read More

Ipeleng’s pHantom EP

pHantom; a 6 track EP by Ipeleng This time, last year, sitting between the barriers of the walls in our homes, we sat in our solitude and listened to Ipeleng’s Unsolicited. Being within a space that demanded us to feel allowed us to dwell in Ipeleng’s vocals and immerse ourselves with every thing she poured […]Read More

Exhibiting now at Art Curator At Lourensford

Seeing faces and landscapes at The Art Curator at Lourensford Estate The pieces currently on exhibition at The Art Curator at Lourensford Estate are portrayals of faces as well as landscapes of the seas and mountains. Portraiture i Simphiwe Mlangeni’s art style of portraiture is abstract with line being the element driving the narrative of […]Read More