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Tags : Black Lives Matter

Checkout Bambo Sibiya’s “Slow Down Tiger” At Everard Read

Normal is no more. Every facet of our society has been touched and implicated by the Covid-19 pandemic in which we find ourselves. The vulnerable have been exposed. Artist, Bambo Sibiya, has created a body of work in reaction to the unattended weakness and unheeded warnings of the “normal” that has failed us. His characters’ gazes are […]Read More

Watch How The Norval Foundation Celebrated Youth Day

To celebrate Youth Day this year, Norval Foundation in partnership with Strauss & Co, brought the performing arts and the visual arts together. Watch the South African Youth Choir perform in the spectacular ‘Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture’ exhibition by William Kentridge, at Norval Foundation in Cape Town. The exhibition has been on show since […]Read More