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Be Valiant In Forging A New Path To Branding Success

To survive in challenging times and thrive thereafter, brands have to be brave enough to step up if they are to stand out. Rebranding provides companies with a myriad of benefits that go far beyond just a new look and feel. It enables businesses to reach new customers, and helps rejuvenate the brand by enabling […]Read More

5 Ways Your Business Can Reach More People With Hashtags

Hashtags are a key component in any social media strategy.  When used correctly, they can increase your business’s discoverability online and reach more people who could potentially be interested in your products or services. In order to successfully use hashtags and not get penalized by those dreaded social media algorithms, you need to understand how they […]Read More

Social Savviness Is Well Planned

The internet lasts forever, but can your brand’s reputation? Today, almost everyone’s a critic, complete with an unfiltered opinion. Be it the clout chasers or active advocates, many take to social media to air these opinions and grievances where the views are met with either support or scorn; and the line between the two are […]Read More

Rethinking Retail: A New eCommerce Era Has Arrived

The retail experience for South African consumers and businesses has certainly changed in the past few months. The social and economic implications of the national lockdown have forced businesses to rethink their sales strategies in order to stay afloat and meet shifting consumer demands. Trend forecasters predict that globally, hundreds of SMME retailers will close […]Read More

Three Timeless Advertising Tactics to Guide a New Digital World

Wayne Flemming, Founder and Managing Director of BRANDTRUTH// DGTL unpacks three, timeless advertising tactics that will help any brand quickly and effectively adapt their marketing strategy to access digital themes and leverage of the changing consumer base. As brands continue to grapple with the disruptive impacts of COVID-19, strategies are being redeveloped at a rapid […]Read More