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Harnessing The Power Of Purpose

Recognising brands that excelled in the face of 2020 adversities for the betterment of humanity. It’s no secret that 2020 was one of the most challenging years in modern history. According to the Global Web Index’ Connecting the Dots 2021 Report, the COVID-19 pandemic was a baptism by fire for many brands, testing purpose-driven commitments […]Read More

Were You A 2020 Fashion Cliche?

Local fashion e-tailer discusses popular items which were purchased online in 2020. The one trend we see year on year globally is the intense rush to keep up with trends.  As frivolous as some of these are, there is never a lack of a willing audience who are more than eager to rush out to […]Read More

Adapting Marketing To The Post-Covid: The New Normal

2020 has been a tumultuous year and the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically impacted all spheres of life. As governments across the world deliberate, escalate and de-escalate lockdown strategies, businesses have been forced to adapt to a new reality. In South Africa we have fared better than most and are currently in lockdown Level 1, however, […]Read More

eLearning Trends That Can Help Your Business Succeed In 2021

Thanks to the global pandemic and savvy, forward-thinking key-decision makers, many businesses have embraced e-learning to ensure they remain competitive. The global consultancy firm McKinsey observed that business learnings were one of the most affected activities when lockdown was implemented, as almost 100% of in-person programmes were cancelled or postponed as a measure to curb […]Read More

I/24 = (UN)MASKED: An Exhibition Of Prints By APS 3rd

Artist Proof Studios’ Printmaking Education Programme offers a wide range of printmaking techniques. Students create drawings to be translated into prints. For this year, 2020 students will exhibit their prints and drawings, sharing their 2020 Education journey. All prints and drawings are available for sale at affordable prices, from R500 to R2000. i/24 Stands for […]Read More

Re-shaping The Future Of Communications

2020 has been a watershed year for many brands, forcing them to embrace the power of pivoting and quick adaptation. Not doing so was a risk not worth taking. While it presented challenges, 2020 shaped and solidified new forms of communication that brands must be cognisant of, leading into 2021. The New Consumer Ernst & […]Read More

Checkout Candice Kramer’s “Stand Still” At Kalashnikovv Gallery

Candice Kramer’s body of work references people, historic family photos and antiquated maps within the Johannesburg inner city setting. She is intrigued by the transience of being while the buildings last forever. It is the transience of being that belies the seeming eternity of the physical structures. Playing with metal surfaces to create natural textures […]Read More

Constellations: An Array Of Theatrical Campfire Gatherings

This December, Spier Wine Farm is hosting Constellations, conceptualised by internationally acclaimed theatre director and playwright Brett Bailey. Over the course of the evening, guests will enjoy intriguing encounters with a diverse array of local cultural talents under starry skies. Small groups of spectators will follow a trail after dark through the beautiful wilds flanking […]Read More

What To Expect In 2021 -11 Key Trends Shaping Our

“We have slowed down enough to consider more deeply what we want in our lives—and in our world.” – Marian Salzman  The pandemic has transformed the ways we live, work, socialise, and move around the world. While we struggle to understand the ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic the ‘Zoomsday’ predictions report may help us […]Read More