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Checkout These Dope Illustrations By Happiness Masiya

Happiness Masiya AKA Hap_Shanel on Instagram brings her vivid imagination and thoughts to life using character illustration. The Johannesburg-based creative believes as an illustrator, one should understand what sort of medium they’re comfortable with, whether it’s flat, 3D, rigid, or abstract. She is inspired by a range of avenues, particularly African aesthetics – such as […]Read More

Meet Fine Artist Chris Denovan

Christopher Denovan, an artist from Cape Town, believes you cannot make art if you’re not interested in looking in the one place where it lives; YOU! Denovan said: “Having left art school I was disillusioned and felt lost in the art world. I turned my back on painting and tried to move forward to something […]Read More

Create Beyond Your Circumstances

This week, we commemorate 44-years since we as a people stood up and fought for the right to exist on that fateful day in Soweto. The journey from then until now has been one filled with development and progress; however, we cannot help but draw distinctive parallels between the two. Right now, as with back […]Read More

Check Out Nick Ntuli’s Illustrations

Born and raised in Cator Manor,in Durban, Nick Ntuli uses his surrounding as inspiration and motivation to illustrate. Check out some of his dope illustrations below.           See more of his works here. Stay abreast of all things creative @sacreativesRead More