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Checkout “Feminist Utopia” At Ebony/Curated

“Feminist Utopia” is a group exhibition curated by Anelisa Mangcu running until 9 October at Ebony/Curated. Feminist critics often reflect a rigid and monolithic patriarchal perspective which frequently depicts feminism as a movement that stems from a group of ‘angry women’ and ‘ungrateful women’. This reflects the patriarchal resistance of gender equity within a social, […]Read More Presents: “I Am Because We Are” Online Exhibition

“I am because we are” is an exclusive online group exhibition by, showcasing the artwork of four South African Artists who are beginning to attract ongoing international attention. The African philosophy of “I am because we are” informs us that the sense of self is shaped by others and is understood from a perspective […]Read More


By Sajidha Gamieldien, senior associate at Intellectual Property law firm Adams & Adams. So, you’ve finally decided to exhibit your product designs, but you’re worried about copycats lurking at the exhibition waiting to pounce on your prized creations. Here are a few helpful pointers to help you navigate your way through the intellectual property dilemma […]Read More