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Poetry in the portraiture #21DayPhotoChallengeSA

What this art form recited for us The act or art of creating a portrait was the theme of Day 19 of the #21DayPhotoChallenge. Portraiture Portraiture is an art form that saw its dawn from tubes of paint, molds of sculpture as well as drawings. In the journey to its sunset, it was exhibited through […]Read More

Banele Mhlanga on the results of his lens

A Sowetan Photographer We are people who are moved by imagery. We see photographs and write down the stories told by the visuals. This is us writing down a story on the photographs Banele Mhlanga (@nizi.jpg) takes. However, this story that we are sharing with you is one narrated by Banele himself. We are just […]Read More

Shot in Soweto by @ituthegod

A look into the lives of children in Soweto Children are the epitome of being carefree. Worry does not know them and joy resides within them. Sowetan Creative Director and photographer @ituthegod took photographs of children whose soles kiss the ground of Soweto daily. We are so touched by them that we do not have […]Read More


3 weeks of what the lens captures Yay! Another 3 weeks of photography. It must be a ‘crown birthday’ for photography during March and April 2021  because it is 21 days of photography in 2021. The talent in our photography that is being celebrated in the #21DayPhotoChallengeSA. The name speaks for itself. The challenge is an […]Read More

An archive of our daily lives by PN Nkadimeng

South African Black and White Street Photography by NkadiPix As mundane as our streets are, they hold so much that we fail to stop and admire daily. There is probably a quote you could learn from written on a brick with permanent marker and a man who sings songs that your grandmother hummed to when […]Read More

Ranji with a Pearl Earring

An exploration of visual artist and photographer Ranji Mangcu, a Black Xhosa woman, and her black iconography that tears down the walls of the spaces it was historically prohibited from occupying. For a second, let us remove racism and its legacies from the interruption of the history of African people and place Ranji Mangcu in […]Read More

Meet Multimedia Artist & Photographer Boipelo Khunou

Khunou believes that her personal power is an awareness and sensitivity in representation during the process of making and sharing work. Multimedia artist Boipelo Khunou’s interest in ‘the embodiment of personal power’ is translated across art mediums to engage ideas that speak to lived experiences.  She told People’s Stories Project (PSP) that her life’s philosophy is – botaki ke botshelo – which loosely translates as artful […]Read More

Photographer In Focus – Meet Conceptual, Portrait And Fashion Photographer

Cole Ndelu describes her work as occupying the intersection between art, fashion, design, documentary, photography and spirituality. She creates from an unapologetically black and unapologetically feminine place.    “I’m interested in making work that speaks and connects deeply – what role does art have in transforming lives, in unlocking minds who will unlock minds…? What […]Read More

Meet Photographer Theo Klompje

Photography to him is all about showing your point of view and that nothing is true, everything is permitted.  Theo Klompje is a seasoned photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa.  Having spent many years focusing on the technical and logistical aspects of photography, Klompje has managed studios, produced retail content, handled large scale postproduction and served in various other technical […]Read More

Meet Visual Artist Leo Makgekgenene

Leo Makgekgenene is a New Media graduate from the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Makgekgenene was born in 1995 in Gaborone, Botswana. The artist moved to South Africa in 2009 where they worked and studied in Pretoria before moving to Cape Town in 2015. Many of his works aim to rematerialize the metaphorical spaces in […]Read More