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Tags : Street photography

Banele Mhlanga on the results of his lens

A Sowetan Photographer We are people who are moved by imagery. We see photographs and write down the stories told by the visuals. This is us writing down a story on the photographs Banele Mhlanga (@nizi.jpg) takes. However, this story that we are sharing with you is one narrated by Banele himself. We are just […]Read More

An archive of our daily lives by PN Nkadimeng

South African Black and White Street Photography by NkadiPix As mundane as our streets are, they hold so much that we fail to stop and admire daily. There is probably a quote you could learn from written on a brick with permanent marker and a man who sings songs that your grandmother hummed to when […]Read More

Meet Photographer Nonzuzo Gxekwa

Nonzuzo Gxekwa is a Johannesburg based photographer. Her approach to photography favours the everyday over the spectacular; sharing interesting and intimate moments through focusing the camera on what is around her as well as herself. Whether it is through street photography or the studio, her work explores the human condition in subtle and beautiful ways. […]Read More

Top trends shaping the future of imagery

The guys at Shutterstock asked their curators, designers, and reviewers about their predictions of the top trends shaping the future of imagery. Some of the picks, like street photography, have been a benchmark in the industry for several decades; others, like drone photography, have burst onto the screen in the last few years. Altogether, these […]Read More


Who is Tyron Wakeford and what do you do? I am a street photographer that dabbles in all forms of photography. My passion for art and photography have left me chasing the raw side of life through photographic medium. Tell us about your work? My work focuses around the things we see and don’t see […]Read More

Fading Art Direction- Photography by Stephanie Mzee

Who is Stephanie Mzee and what do you do? My name is Stephanie Mzee an I am a young creative visionary with a passion for art, film and photography. I recently began my own project titled Fading Art Direction, where I photograph, design and direct concept shoots. How would you define your style of photography? […]Read More