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What To Expect From Digital In 2021

Many marketing professionals were unprepared for the digital revolution that came with the 2020 global lockdown and the urgent need for businesses and organisations to pivot to digital. As customers started spending more time online, it was crucial for marketing professionals to engage with their target audience where they’re shopping, socialising or just browsing the […]Read More

The SENTECH Hackathon Is A Clarion Call For Innovators To

As part of its Research and Innovation strategy, SENTECH is breaking down the time continuum barriers and hacking into the future with the #SENTECHHackTheFutureChallenge. The company is calling on all talented and innovative minds in the fields of technology, software development and broadcast to step up and step into the future with it. The #SENTECHHackTheFutureChallenge provides a […]Read More

Why Digital Training Is Increasing Globally

Digital learning is the future. As more organisations utilise technology to make learning and training more convenient for their employees, the shift from classroom to online is well on the rise. Even before COVID-19 swept across the globe and forced organisations to work from home, some businesses started increasing their digital learning and training budgets […]Read More

Rethinking Retail: A New eCommerce Era Has Arrived

The retail experience for South African consumers and businesses has certainly changed in the past few months. The social and economic implications of the national lockdown have forced businesses to rethink their sales strategies in order to stay afloat and meet shifting consumer demands. Trend forecasters predict that globally, hundreds of SMME retailers will close […]Read More

Try These 4 Ideas to Stay Focused While Working Online

Working from home when you want to is lekker but being forced to during a lockdown has a lot of distractions. Let’s face it, we’re surrounded by distractions, whether you’re working from the quiet of your home office or your dining room table, technology can be distracting as well.  Technology seems to be working against us […]Read More